Bitcoin Trying To Pump As Fed Announces 0.75% Hike


Earlier today, Fed Meeting resulted in a slow and steady increase in the price of Bitcoin. BTC’s price has positively reacted to the recently held US Fed meeting. Bitcoin is now trading at the price of $21825, slightly above the danger levels of 20k.

US Fed Meeting is very important and crucial for the crypto and stock markets worldwide. This meeting will decide the fate of stock and crypto markets. Whether it comes out negative or positive this is one important meeting we should miss.

As seen in the above tweet markets have shown positive moves as Jerome Powell was speaking. Jerome made claims that the government is working on its plan to bring inflation down. Reducing inflation will be a challenge for the government.

While writing this article I noticed that Bitcoin has just broken the $22K level again. This might be the start of something good or could be another fakeout. At this point, this is really hard to tell whether the market will go up or down.

According to Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone ” Bitcoin Will Hit $100K After the Crypto Winter Is Over “

Bloomberg’s Senior Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone recently appeared as a guest market commentator on Kitco News, where he presented his views on the current market situation, with an emphasis on cryptocurrency markets. Among other things, he predicted that Bitcoin would outperform all other assets in the world and hit $100 thousand by 2025. With this statement, he joined many other crypto analysts and traders who have made similar predictions in the past.


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