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Anonymous turns to Cult DAO for support against unjust government actions

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Anonymous, the international activist group responsible for white-hat hackings, has announced its intention to intensify its fight against Russia and other unjust national governments. To this end, it will source funds from crypto projects with “similar conceptions,” such as Cult DAO.

The announcement comes in the wake of cyber warfare between Anonymous and Russia, which started shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. The hacktivist group has often provided support against governments and organizations that, in its view, act unjustly toward innocent people.

Shortly after the Anonymous group’s announcement on Wednesday, Cult DAO reiterated its support for the hacktivist group by “funding the revolution.”

Cult DAO is a community-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) seeking to empower individuals to obtain greater financial freedom. This can happen by accelerating the mass adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi), which transfers financial control from centralized institutions into the hands of the people.

In a tweet showing support, Cult DAO said, “CULT is completely decentralized and can fund those causes and revolutionaries that are ordered offline by governments and centralized entities, as we saw in Canada.”

The statement makes a reference to the action of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In February, the Canadian government froze the bank accounts of those donating to Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy protest and forced Just Giving to refund $9 million in donations for the protest. In return, people turned to Bitcoin (BTC) to continue supporting the protests, as the popular cryptocurrency cannot be subjected to governmental or banking restrictions.

Cult DAO functions according to its manifesto, which states support for initiatives favoring DeFi systems. Showing support for Anonymous against unjust governmental actions aligns with the organization’s ultimate goal. So far, CultDAO has agreed to donate 13 Ether (ETH) to the cause.

About Cult DAO

Cult DAO is a blockchain-based DAO aiming to usher in the DeFi revolution. Its goal is to empower people with the necessary tools to “break away from societal, economic and other norms.” To this end, its members can vote on funding for projects focusing on decentralized applications.

The protocol uses CULT, a hyper-deflationary token for its multiple operations in support of DeFi operations. For more information about Cult DAO, visit the links below: 

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