Kishu Inu Coin will make millionaires in 2022

Kishu Inu coin has become the new hope for people to become millionaires. Cryptocurrencies have made many millionaires in the past few months. Now people are passionately speculating the community-driven meme crypto called ‘Kishu Inu’. Let’s find out if this little meme dig dream coin could make millionaires or not.

What is kishu inu coin?

Kishu inu is a community-driven crypto coin that has a huge community behind it. Kishu Inu is one of the fresher inheritances of DOGE-like altcoins. Released in April 2021, it’s “completely decentralized and possessed by its fun, dynamic local area.” The undertaking guarantees moment compensations for clients. KISHU holders will get 2% of each exchange in the organization.

Kishu Inu has become of the most speculated and fastest-growing of all meme tokens out there. Every day normal people and big institutional investors are rushing to buy this coin. Due to this, there has been a huge demand for kishu inu tokens lately.

Don’t mistake Kishu inu for a non-utility meme coin. It has its own decentralized exchange ‘Kishuswap’ that allows anyone to buy or sell any coin by connecting a wallet. So the thing to note is that ‘Kishu Inu is not a meme token only’.

What makes kishu inu coin different?

The reason why I consider Kishu Inu to be the best out of all the other meme tokens out there is that it has utility. The current market cap of Kishu Inu is below $1 billion which makes it the obvious pick for anyone looking to buy crypto. The very low market cap and utility make it outstanding.

The community support for the Kishu Inu is very good. Obviously, Kishu inu is a community-driven coin so we can expect continued community support and healthier green charts.

Can kishu inu coin do 100x gains?

Yes, obviously because of the very low market cap. The current market cap of Kishu Inu is 700m dollars which is very low compared to other cryptos of the same category. This shows there is still a lot of room to grow and we can expect more surges in the recent future.

Kishu Inu coin price prediction and technical analysis

Kishu Inu charts technical analysis

The current resistance level is 0.000000009960 and the support level is 0.000000006600

The price action for the Kishu Inu token looks absolutely bullish despite a 20% correction. The divergence in money flow charts shows that there has been more buying than selling which is an obvious upward price action determinant.

The bottom linre

I’d like to wrap saying Kishu Inu is going upward very strong but there’s always a possibility on both sides. Watch out for more news and events happening for Kishu inu and also speculate the charts. We could see some correction for the Kishu Inu coin but at the end of the Bullrun will end up making many millionaires.

Note: This is not financial advice and always do your research before investing. Also, only invest what you can bear to lose.


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