STEPN GMT Token Price Is Rallying Up 36,000%

Stepn Gmt Coin has been rallying since its listing on the Binance crypto exchange. This was the only one that saw an impressive 36,000% gain in just 30 days in the crypto market. Stepn token has just outperformed many big cryptocurrencies and has been trending on Coinmarketcap ever since.

STEPN is a blockchain-based lifestyle app that incorporates elements of gaming finance (Game-Fi) and social finance (Social-Fi) to reward users for moving around. One of the first apps based on the concept of “move-to-earn”, STEPN launched its Green Metaverse Token (GMT) cryptocurrency in March.

STEPN token has been trending everywhere since it captivated the attention of investors are price spiked up after the Binance listing.

Why STEPN keeps going up

One of the main reasons behind STEPN token keeps moving up is its unique approach to NFTs gaming niche. It has this different style of Move to earn app style that combines game-fi and social-fi. This is one of the most unique crypto play to earn more like the ‘move to earn’ crypto project. I think STEPN is only one of its kind.

Is STEPN a good investment

The most important question is that “Should you invest in the STEPN coin?” The absolute answer to this question depends on whether or not you believe the technology and innovation this crypto project is bringing into the space. STEPN is one of the most unique projects out there that are paying people just for moving and earning. But there are a few things to have to consider before trying this out.

First, Make sure you make up for your mind to do this because this will actually urge you to move and walk to earn some GST tokens to be earning. What I personally believe is that it is two benefits that will benefit you either way. When you walk it will be very beneficial for your health and you also make some money alongside health benefits. Walking is something that we all do without any monetary benefit motivation. So this is a win-win situation for the investors.

Second, to start earning GST tokens in STEPN move earn you need to buy NFT snickers from the store which will cost you a few Solana SOL tokens. this is one you have to consider before you begin using STEPN. Suppose you buy a STEPN NFT sticker and did not move and earn GST tokens and it might not be a good deal.

The good thing is that you can sell an NFT sticker for a profit if something is willing to buy it for SOL tokens. But it all depends on how long this project will sustain itself. Although everything seems very good with the STEPN project right now. There is a huge demand for this move to earn nft app right now. Let’s hope STEPN sustains the hype and delivers to be the innovation in this new style of move-to-earn project.


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