Shiba Inu Coin Listed on Robinhood

shiba inu coin

After months and weeks of requests and petitions, Shiba Inu coin finally get listed on Robinhood App

Shiba inu coin has finally made its way into the Robinhood trading app. This is the most awaited listing for the Shib Army because members of the Shiba inu community have been requesting to this happen for months if not years. Shiba inu coin Robinhood listing has now happened. That is why finally seeing Robinhood listing Shiba Inu coin on their app is a big achievement for all the Shiba inu holders out there.

According to Statista, Robinhood currently has 22 million users on its app. This is a huge number in terms of users. This listing will definitely help the Shiba inu coin perform comparatively better in the long run. Shiba inu coin is now all set to outperform everyone’s expectations. Robinhood has already proved to be very beneficial for dogecoin back in 2021 when it listed the Elon musk backed dogecoin. It massively exploded in price and popularity as well and I think the same might happen with the Shiba Inu coin as well.

Is the Shiba Inu coin listed on Robinhood?

Yes, Shiba Inu along with 3 other coins (MATIC, SOL & COMP) is now available to buy on the Robinhood app. American residents can now easily trade Shib tokens on their phones with a few clicks. Robinhood also publicly announced this on Twitter.

Not only the Shiba inu coin listing on Robinhood announcement on Twitter. I am also showing a proof video of Shiba inu coin trading on the Robinhood app.

Shiba inu coin Robinhood listing is what everyone has been waiting for and finally, this has happened. You can now trade the Shiba inu coin also known as the SHIB token on the official Robinhood app.

Will this listing benefit the Shiba Inu coin?

Since Robinhood is a very popular trading app in the United States so this is very likely this listing will surely help Shiba inu, in the long run, sustain a strong price action. I believe that in the long run, the Shiba inu coin will definitely outperform other digital assets because of this listing.

Shiba inu listing on Robinhood will definitely help the cryptocurrency in the long term as it will bring more holders for the Shiba inu coin. Now I believe institutional investors will also hope in the Shiba inu after this massive news. This can help delete a few zeros off the price of the Shiba inu token easily. The potential for the growth of the price of the shiba inu coins is huge.


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