Bitcoin hit $63K for the first time after Coinbase IPO news

Bitcoin the world’s most popular cryptocurrency just hit its all-time high which is $63,000 after a long time spectating charts. This lucrative move has marked a hall of fame position in the world of crypto exchange. Bitcoin hit 63k USD is a remarkable event in crypto history. No currency has ever been able to cross this mark and I don’t think so any currency would be able to reach value this high anytime soon. Bitcoin hit 63k is the best news ever for bitcoin holders. Bitcoin is one hell of an outstanding cryptocurrency that has been able to show that decentralized finance is a real thing.

Bitcoin showed big spikes yesterday when it broke the resistance level of $60K for the first time. Investors are still having their eye on the disruptive move of BTC. Experts have suggested not to sell it now as they observe lucrative long-term opportunities. In simple words, they want you to hold your bitcoin position even more.

The crypto asset surged 4.5% during the last bull run and it is still going strong in the uptrend. Cryptocurrency-exposed stocks such as Riot Blockchain Inc. and Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. advanced during U.S. trading hours. This uptrend seems very lucrative and I believe that it will cause Bitcoin to pump to $70K pretty soon by the end of April.

This is where Bitcoin first started to gain momentum and went a little over $62,000, just broke resistance. Right! As I saw BTC bull-running I had a really warm and proud feeling for bitcoin because the crypto granddad was robustly breaking all the resistance that I was keeping from bursting out in value.

The main catalyst behind bitcoin’s price surge is the anticipated Coinbase IPO listing on Nasdaq. As the estimated date 14th April of Coinbase IPO listing in mainstream stock market exchange approached, the prices of bitcoin surged respectively. The Coinbase IPO has been the main reason behind bitcoin breaking the ceiling of sixty thousand dollars.

Tuesday, April 13 will be marked the day in history because it witnessed the almighty god of the crypto assets world to show astonishing gains. I was also very amazed to see bitcoin reigning over the $63K (Sixty Three Thousand Dollars) value and I am hoping that it would not stop here and continue to break resistance levels and reach $100K by the end of 2021.


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