Finally Dogecoin gets listed on Coinbase

Finally, after a very long time, the most anticipated listing on Coinbase has been successfully done. Dogecoin, the world’s top meme cryptocurrency that rose into fame after Elon musk’s tweet is now available on the coinbase trading platform to buy and sell.

This listing is going to be very profitable for dogecoin long-term holders and day traders. They are going to be the ones who would get the most profit out of this listing. This news is very huge for all the investors of doge cryptocurrency.

The prices of dogecoin started to surge after this news. The dogecoin-coinbase listing for sure has caused huge spikes in the price of dogecoin (see the picture below).

Trading charts after dogecoin coinbase listing

Now those who have been already been invested in dogecoin enjoyed some profit gains after this listing. Those who couldn’t buy the dogecoin dip are now sure to make inevitable moves because of FOMO. Please be mindful while investing. This is not financial advice. Do your own market research before investing.

Dogecoin saw a pump of 20% after the dogecoin coinbase listing that rejuvenated new hope for the dogecoin holder for another massive $1 rally. After this big news, now the chances for doge to again hit one dollar has been restored.

Dogecoin was struggling to keep its value and saw huge dips in the price of doge throughout the month. Now, this listing is expected to live dogecoin to new highs. Let’s hope for the more good news regarding doge in near future.


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