Third Stimulus Check: Where To Invest? Stocks to buy with stimulus money

Americans have started to recieve stimulus payments from government as a Covid impact relief. Know where to invest this money. Find out best stocks to buy.

Millions of people in United states of America had begin to receive their third stimulus checks as a relief from COVID-19 Impact. Most people in the US have already received their cheques while some are yet to receive their checks. Another big question is to where and how to? invest the $1400 relief fund.

Stimulus check

Almost 85% of the people would not prefer to invest their money but those who are into investing for the rainy days. This advice is for you. Not investing a portion of your income is a rather regretful decision to make. My advice to anyone getting their stimulus checks is to invest your money into any form of financial instruments such as equities, stocks. cryptocurrency and bonds or ETF. But I would not recommend to day trade (swing trade) with your stimulus money as it could wipe all of your savings in a matter of minutes.

Those who are planning to start investing are going to be very profitable in the long run. It’s because of the recent stock market boom. Many stocks and cryptos are rapidly boosting in price due to economic recovery. Some of the companies that are performing very well are Tesla, Apple, Amazon & FedEx. Investing in any of these could be a good decision because these stocks have potential to increase very disruptive in the near future.

Now let’s start with talking about stocks to buy with stimulus payment.

#1 Tesla

Tesla is sofar one of the best performing stock. Tesla shareholders are seem to be very profitable and institutional investors are optimistic enough to stick with TSLA till it cross the $1000 mark.

Short sellers have also seemed to be profitable through selling their positions when Tsla stock was $900 a share price. Tesla short selling became a huge joke earlier this year.

Tesla is one of the most profitable company that will definitely worth your stimulus check payment. The reason is the over the top companies fundamentals, it’s future predictions and love fans for Elon Musk.

#2 Fedex

FedEx stock might be one truly good investment for your covid impact relief payment by Uncle Sam. Ever since the covid situation happened, the delivery and courrier service businesses saw a big drop in thier business. So the prices of companies in courrier service also plunged very low. Surely, FedEx was one of those affected firms. It’s share prices went down drastically.

In my opinion, buying the FDX stock with stimulus money can be a guaranteed good decision because FedEx Corporation is set to see huge earning growth when Covid lockdown will end. Things are getting back to normal, people have started to live thier life like usual so it’s inevitable that delivery business will begin improve soon.

#3 Core S&P 500 iShares

Core S&P 500 iShares ETF. iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (the Fund) is an exchange-traded fund. The Fund seeks investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (the Index). The Index measures the performance of the large-capitalization sector of the United States equity market.

I feel very confident to say this ETF with ticker symbol IVV is expected to keep rising like this. There is a lot of greens in this stock chart lately. It has gained $1.61 to its current value. This is very similar and profitable as Ark Investement Fund.

I must conclude that investing your stimulus money could be the best decision of your life. Make sure to invest your stimulus payment in any form of financial asset. This will ensure your future security.


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