Tesla Model S 2021 Refresh Changes will blow your mind

Tesla Model S 2021 Refresh Changes
Tesla Model S 2021 Refresh Changes

The Tesla Model S just got some very new enhancements and upgrades that are worth a watch. Tesla had been releasing information regarding updates in their model S lately but we were not given any specific date of the release but today morning they just launched a new model s refresh and the order is available now. There are no significant changes to the exterior of the car but the interior refresh is the highlight. 

All New Interior

  • 17 inch revamped horizontal display 
    • The display is supposed to be 2200*1300 resolutions, ultra bright colors and exceptional touch responsiveness. Tesla model S is said to have 3 different displays. One right behind the steering wheel for driving assistance, one at the front of the dashboard and last one at the middle of rear seats. 
    • Tilt display: This display can be titled from Left to Right or vice-versa; this is something which is not seen very often in a Tesla car; this front screen layout is very similar to model y and 3.
    • Tesla also claims this car would provide the best gaming and entertainment experience on wheels, they say you could connect a gaming controller via Tesla arcade.
    • There’s a mini screen at the rear seat also. This screen will also have the same features and gaming experience as the front display. 
    • Tesla also says this new software system will have 10 teraflops of processing power which will give a seamless gaming experience and this system will be compatible with newer gaming consoles also.
    • They have also upgraded the Multi-device Bluetooth, wireless and USB-C fast charging for every passenger with enough power for your laptop to provide even more connectivity and convenience.
  • New re-designed steer wheel
    • Model S is supposed to have a steering wheel that is going to appear like it’s a virtual gaming steering controller. This steering wheel is also seen in the roadster and the cybertruck.  This also looks like it’s going to fly us to the mars. 
    • One significant difference is there are no stalks on the steering wheel. Maybe the functionality of the stalks has been moved to the scrolling wheel or the touch screen display. 
    • Many Redditors have already started criticizing this new style of steer wheel but we can’t say if it’s going to be good or not until the model S review comes out. 
    • The steering wheel is called the ‘Yoke Steering’ which Tesla claims is going to be the best they have ever implemented on a Tesla car. I believe this steering wheel is supposed to have the same scrolling wheels as the Model 3and Y.
  • Music and sound system
    • This refresh version of the Tesla Model S will be jacked up with a 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system same as the old model S but there’s a catch. This car will have better noise-cancellation meaning that the microphone inside the car will be able to eliminate most of the noise when you talk to someone on call.
  • Storage
    • Tesla says “With front and rear trunks and fold-flat seats, Model S is a luxury car where you can fit your bike without taking the wheel off, and your luggage too.” I believe they have definitely tried to expand the storing capacity of the vehicle either by enlarging the width or length of the car.
  • Tri-zone climate control
    • Tesla has enhanced the weather control system completely; there would be no physical air vents or buttons. Everything will be controlled through the screen. 
    • The automatic weather control will make sure the car doesn’t overheat during summer and will automatically warm the inside during winters. 
  • Dashboard changes
    • The dashboard is re-designed with a little bit of wooden texture and the wireless charging dock is the same as the model 3 and y. 

Exterior changes

There are no significant exterior changes to the car except they have revamped the wheels and changed the front look of the car. The exterior does not look much different except they got rid of the chrome on the outside. Besides this, there aren’t many upgrades on the outside of the car. 

Performance upgrades

  • The new Model S can accelerate up to 0-60 miles per hour in 1.99 seconds. This is incredibly fast seen on an Electric sedan car. This Tesla Model S also will be able to go up to 200 mph. The Plaid Plus model S is also supposed to have a peak of 1,020 horsepower which is extremely powerful.  The top-end option of the Model S will have a 520-mile range option. 

Pricing of different variants

VariantPriceRangeSpeedAcceleration(0-60mph)Estimated delivery
Model S long range$70,990412 miles155 mph3.1 secondsMarch
Model S plaid$119,990390 miles200 mph1.99 secondsMarch
Model S plaid plus$139,990More than 520 miles200 mphLess than 1.99 secondsLate 2021

comparison table for various model s variants


All information available is source from: Tesla Official Website

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